Shemar Moore is model turned actor, best known for his role as Derek Morgan in Criminal’s Mind.

Born in Roxbury, Massachusetts, Moore’s mother is a mathematician who works as a business consultant.

Shemar Franklin Moore was born on April 20, 1970, in Oakland, California to an African-American father named Sherrod Moore and a Caucasian (Irish and French-Canadian) mother Marilyn Wilson.

“They’re tired of seeing me and momma on the carpet.

If this boy doesn’t bring somebody other than his momma…

Reportedly they started dating last year and were spotted multiple times holding each other’s hands in public places in Los Angeles.

In December 2016, Shemar appeared on the late night show of Andy Cohen.

She hit me back and we got your attention on the red carpet.” Turns out, Moore campaigned for Acosta’s time.

He told his coworkers if they could get her email address, they would get two trips and round-trip tickets to Las Vegas.

Before his acting skills announced him to the world, Moore began his career as a fashion model.

But my mother gave me a card that said, ‘Leap and the net will appear.’ I went on vacation to Sydney, Australia, and I lost myself. I was like, ‘I’m chilling,’ ” the hunky actor said when Soap Opera Digest asked him in an interview if he was in talks for the SWAT role when he left Criminal Minds.

He went from 90’s heartthrob to making out, tongue included, with all types of women, from soccer moms to Sweet Brown, on national television. But for some reason, people started to take Moore’s quirks to mean that he was less than our expectations of masculinity. When a Black man doesn’t present in the way we think men should, we immediately assume that it says something about their sexuality. Shemar thinks his attending with Acosta set the record straight about his personal life.