Chen started his season by winning gold both at the ISU Junior Grand Prix in Mexico, in September 2013, and JGP in Belarus. He finished third overall behind Adam Rippon and Max Aaron, who landed zero and two quads, respectively, reigniting the debate over whether artistry should trump athleticism in figure skating scoring.He qualified for the Junior Grand Prix Final in Fukuoka, Japan, where he won the bronze medal. Ahead of the 2016–2017 season, Chen traveled to Canton, Michigan to have his programs choreographed by Marina Zueva.

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He spent two weeks later that month working in Canton, Michigan, modifying the element order and choreography of his programs. Chen started the 2017–2018 season season by winning the 2017 CS U. International Figure Skating Classic in September, debuting his short program "Nemesis" choreographed by Shae-Lynn Bourne and free skate "Mao's Last Dancer" choreographed by Lori Nichol.

He landed his first quad loop in the free skate and thus became the first skater to land five different quads (4T, 4S, 4Lo, 4F and 4Lz) in competition.

At the 2009 Junior Nationals, he won the intermediate men's silver medal. At the Pacific Sectional Championships in November 2014, he landed a clean quadruple toe loop and double toe loop combination (4T 2T) in his free skate, winning the senior men's division, and advanced to the 2015 U. He finished 4th at the event in Tallinn, Estonia on March 8, 2015.

Chen advanced to the novice level in the 2009–10 season. In the 2015–16 ISU Junior Grand Prix series, Chen won gold in both Colorado Springs, Colorado and in Logroño, Spain.To the uninitiated, a Napoleon consists of sheets of pastry alternating with [generally] two layers of pastry cream custard.This neat architectonic block is then topped with a sheet of fondant that combed with chocolate or fruit swirl. Under the name, the treat was first recorded (according to Wikipedia) in mid-seventeenth century France; in the eighteenth century, Marie-Antoine Carême considered it an ancient recipe.马里奥-格劳索在声明中说“王薇薇与贝克尔双方同意和平分手。他们将继续对两个女儿尽到应尽的责任。” That Wang would be dating someone else, however, comes as a surprise for someone who claimed to be too dedicated to her career to have time for relationships.王薇薇可能在与他人约会的消息令众人大感吃惊,因为之前她曾宣称自己献身于事业而无暇顾及个人情感。 "I was the girl who nobody thought would ever get married," she told New York magazine in 2006.It was a little too sharp on the inside edge, and every time I pressed into it for sal(chow), toe and even flip, it would catch into the ice way harder than I was used to." With two victories, Chen earned the top qualifying spot for the Grand Prix Final.