What do we think about Mischa Barton's recent hairstyle? She was on Chiambretti Night, which is an Italian TV show, looking very Daisy Duke meets Farrah Fawcett, I felt.

The lighter hue is definitely working on her, 60 percent of you agreed that you prefer her with blonde, but what do you think of the big-barrelled curls and centre-part fringe?

It’s no coincidence that this is the de facto press club, where the foreign and Italian press corps swap gossip with bloggers and tabloid writers covering Italy’s “trial of the century.” The crowd is divided into two camps, the innocentisti—who believe Knox is innocent of the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher—and the colpevolisti—who do not.

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It's a dusty day today in the Clock Tower - it's time for some cleaning!

Mae Heti'n rhannu llond basged o afalau gyda'r anifeiliaid i gyd, ond mae Mostyn y mochyn barus yn penderfynu bwyta afalau pawb.

The remaining 6 adventurers put their communication skills to the test.

Dydi'r pengwiniaid ddim yn hapus efo eu bwyd newydd afiach, felly maen nhw'n mynd ar gyrch i'r ddinas i gipio pysgod ffres.

Obsessive bloggers are hurling threats at one another as the murder charges against American coed Amanda Knox finally reach court—and Italy's "trial of the century" is likely to last all year.

It’s on Friday night and Amanda Knox’s lawyers have taken a corner table at the dimly lit Enoteca del Vino near the Duomo in Perugia.

The penguins go on a mission to the city to steal fresh fish.

Mae 'na waed newydd yn yr ysgol - teulu'r ' Wildes' - a fydd eu cymeriadau'n cyd-fynd â'u henw?

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