INTRODUCTION: I've previously done something similar to this, where I ranked the finalists from the first nine seasons, but there have now been 5 more seasons and plenty of finalists that I have opinions~ over, so I thought of doing an updated list.

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For season 13 and 14, I'm counting all ten as finalists; for season 7, the top seven who went on tour are finalists, and the remaining four are semi-finalists.

NOTE: For clarification purposes, anyone who made the Top 10 in Seasons 1-6 and 8-12 are finalists.

(Yes, that includes The Next Generation.)THINGS TO TAKE INTO CONSIDERATIONS: These are my personal rankings, which means objectivity is being thrown out of the window.

Owing to the nature of the show, there will likely be several first or second boots that rank relatively high since I was not able to form actual opinions on them, as opposed to the dancers that lasted a while that I formed negative opinions over.

So it will be cool to see how things have changed over the years.

After years of passionately stanning or hating someone, sometimes you're just like, 'whatever, get a life'.

'We would talk, just chatting for about 30 minutes and it would lead to more sexual thingsā€¦asking me to undressā€¦he'd comment on my body.

He asked me about masturbation, and that kind of thing.''He had some rape fantasies.

In addition, for double eliminations, I'm assigning everyone that was eliminated the same placement for clue purposes (i.e.: the four contestants in season 11 will be classified as Top 14; the four contestants in season 8 and season 9 are Top 20; Billy and Jose are both Top 6; etc.).

For seasons nine and ten, Eliana/Chehon/Amy/Fik-Shun will be listed as "first" on the clue and Tiffany/Cyrus/Jasmine H./Aaron will be listed as "second" to keep things a bit more streamlined.247.

I was about to point out everything wrong with those guesses when I realised you meant Ivan Paulovich. Also, I fail at graphics so it might take me till tomorrow to make them and get this list running, just FYI.