He approaches the angels guarding the room, then rips off his shirt to invoke the power of the bloody sigil to banish the angels. The truth is, I went through a hell of a lot for people to think it was just painted on. I read the script, and they had an image there of how they wanted the sigil to look like, and I did it before coming in to shoot that morning at home with a straight razor.

A common response to being pissed with Dean is for people to take their shirt off.

Castiel then carves a Angel Banishing Sigil into his chest because he is a BAMF.

Dean gets five minutes in Heaven - with an angel no less.

In this tender love scene in the back of his beloved Impala, Dean takes off not only his shirt, but also his amulet while making love to Anna Milton.

In the process of having sex with Amelia, Sam takes his shirt off. Both Sam and Lady Toni Bevell are bereft of clothes in Sam's love hallucination.

Castiel tells Sam and Dean that the Green Room where Adam is being held is in Van Nuys, California, guarded by a number of angels.Dean, troubled by the effects of the Mark of Cain takes an angsty shower. Just another example of the phenomenon known as Sleep with Sam Winchester and die! You can read the original script of the Sex scene from Heart.The three-week break between this episode and the last one was been dubbed #Shower Hellatus by fans on Twitter because of the images of Dean in the shower in the promo for the episode. Dean, or rather Demon Dean has a lunchbreak quickie with Anne Marie, the waitress in the dive (which seems to have accommodation), that Crowley and him have been living in whilst howling at the moon - which seems to involved karaoke and fussball. A vast expanse of Sam's abs and a hint of nipple can be seen as Sam stitches his own bullet wound.For a show which has been described as featuring "two underwear models who fight demons" source, the men in the show are remarkably shy about showing some flesh.In fact, it has been remarked that fans are turned into modern versions of Victorian ladies, as many fans are known to grow faint when the boys where anything less than 3 layers of clothing.We see Dean shirtless - in bed, with a sheet around his waist. Both Sam and Ruby get very naked and have very wrong and very hot hate sex. Cara Roberts on a case, Sam takes his shirt off for entirely non-medical reasons.