To deal with this matter, the Korean society has been doing its best to prevent dating crimes and ultimately punish culprits.

Police departments nationwide have created a special investigation unit that specializes in dating crimes and have even confirmed areas where abuse cases have been repeatedly reported.

However, the US is now expanding the range of the protection order to make sure that it applies to dating abuse as well.

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The law allows anyone to apply for the disclosure of their partner’s abusive past.

The law is named after Clare Woody who was murdered by her former partner who had a history of violence.

Family violence laws, for instance, can enforce temporary measures to physically separate perpetrators from the victims.

According to the thesis, ‘A Study on Punishment of Dating Violence’ by Kim Seon-hyub, the US initially only provided a ‘protection order’ for domestic abuse victims.

Rather, we have been taught to withstand obsession and control by considering such abuse as signals of flirtatious behavior.” Korean movies and dramas describe unilateral touches or controlling behaviors as signs of romance.

Viewers are exposed to this dating culture without realizing the real problem behind “pushing someone into a wall” (a common act that is seen in Korean melodramas).

Recent reports in the press have generated intensified public concerns over dating abuse, but people still have little to no understanding of how to cope with it.

Professor Park said, “The problem is that we have never been educated about dating abuse in our society.

However, when debating this matter, there should be a clear understanding on the definition of ‘dating abuse’.

According to a research paper by You Lee Hwa-young, the head of the Sexual Violence Counseling Center in Korea Women’s Hot Line (KWHL), dating abuse refers to physical, verbal, sexual, and financial abuse or controlling behavior in the relationship where people are or were romantically interested in each other.

As society consolidates the stereotype more than changing it, they often turn their hatred towards women.” In the same vein, men are reluctant to report dating abuse to the police due to the socially enforced masculinity.