v=PCTRFBJGQGs Free Download (Right click and save link at MP3) : NDk2ODQy NV9EZHJo U185Nz Yz/Whistle While I Work it.mp3 i Tunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/whistle-while-i-work-it-single/id678716293 A few drinks at the house gotta get that buzz going Cause I can't afford the club drinks that they're pouring Valets 20 bucks so I'll find me a meter It's 5 blocks away but the parking is cheaper I walk straight up to the bouncer got the flyer in my hand said I didn't bring the ladies but I brought my favorite friends He doesn't say a word He just points us to the back like he thinks we'll wait in line No no we aint having that Cause I know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows I know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows I whistle while I work it I whistle while I work it I whistle while I... v=L2Wi KF1bqg I&feature=Yom Yom F's Version (Features Tony Hawk and son): Justin James Hughes Josh Golden Jason Evigan CLUB GOERS: Lana Mckissack Megan Batoon The Fu Music Kyle Hatch Nikki Soo Hoo Christine Ko DJ Nasoj Mikey Post Yevette Lopez Calvin Goodman Keegan Hawk SONG CREDITS: Produced by: the SUSPEX Written by: Chester See, Jason Evigan, Mitch Allan, Jon Bellion, and Aimee Proal CREW: DIRECTOR - Timothy Kendall EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - Justin Lin EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - Chester See EXECUTIVES IN CHARGE OF PRODUCTION - Philip W.Paid also an about the cellular more couples without virtual of?

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" I'm Wayne Brady from your tv screen Do I have to choke a bitch?

Ohmigod, I'm so happy, I mean I know the last hols were just three weeks ago, but it's not every holidays that I get to see my awesome cousins and uncle and aunty!! Wild nights out and lots of shopping and maybe a showing of ''Les Mis'' (YAY, YAY, YAY!! After I finished Smash I started my search for a new fill-in series again.. I tried Supernatural first and thought that I might really like it, I mean Jensen Ackles... I might have liked it more if I hadn't tried watching it before bed, and then tossing and turning for some twenty minutes...

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But it turned out to be a bunch more boring than I expected.. Especially when the hot boy, who is totally supposed to be with Emily/Amanda, dies at the end and you know this from the beginning.

I mean I am a person who doesn't support holing a grudge so I guess I'm kinda against the whole principle of the show.. The only thing that I actually like is finding out how she managed to kill their reputation.

The series that finally won the battle of the fill-in series last weekend ended up being... Game Of Thrones I thought about watching it some time earlier already, but then someone gave me a bad advice about it and I decided against it..

But now I thought ''this is apparently HBO's best series I should totally check it out..'' I mean, it's kind of a little bit like a brother of True Blood and ohmigod I LOVE True Blood, but you all know that anyways : D What I have to say about this show is much nicer than what I said about the others. SO much sex and violence - apparently like fourteen deaths per episode - but the story lines are very good and the characters are amazingly built, such good actors (all British which I think is pretty cool for an American production!! The story is about the conflicts and scandals of several noble families in kingdom where there are such things as dragons and magic.

I'm soo happy, I'mma see my English people, heheheheh!! But then I watched episode two and episode three and I realised that it's a bit too scary for me!