After doing so, he/she must file a proof of service or proof of oral notice with the court.Once the Respondent is served, you must file separate "proofs of service" that your agent has handed both the Petition for PPO (either Forum CC 375, CC375M, CC 377, or CC 377M) and the Court's PPO Order (either Forum CC 376, CC 380, or CC380M) to the Respondent.The order goes into effect as soon as the Judge signs it. However, if the Respondent has not yet been served with a copy of the PPO, he or she may be informed of the terms of the order by the responding police officer and given an opportunity to comply with the order. N.) The Sheriff's Department is located at 3231 John Conley Drive, Lapeer, Michigan.

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Include detailed facts to support your need for a protection order.

A copy of your motion and anything you attach to your request for the PPO will be given to the person you want restrained.

(See below)The police might not arrest the restrained party, especially if the officer did not witness him commit the acts violating the PPO, or if there was insufficient proof that the Respondent had been served with the PPO papers before the alleged violation occurred.

If the restrained person is not arrested, you will have to file a motion to show cause in the Circuit Court Clerk's office to have a hearing about the PPO violation.

If arrested, the restrained party will be brought to a Circuit Court judge within 24 hours.

At that time, the Judge can set a bond; if the Respondent posts the bond, he can be released.

However, you still must give the court a contact address so the Court can send notices to you.

As of July 1, 2000, a law enforcement officer or clerk of the court who has knowledge of the existence of a PPO may serve the PPO on the Respondent or give oral notice of the existence of the PPO.

An adult must be appointed by the court as a "Next Friend" for a minor under 17 years of age (or a legally incapacitated person). The Circuit Court Clerk's staff are not lawyers, and are prohibited from giving legal advice on how to fill the forms out, what to include, etc.