The Powhatan Nation was instrumental in saving my great grandfather's life (Robert Pollard Holmes)and once he joined the settlement, he married my great grandmother who was of either the Cherokee or Pamunkey/Mattaponi tribes. I am cherokee indian and my grandfather Walter Kenova Bradby use to be Chief before he passed away. We visited family in Front Royal; Tappahanock/Rappahanock; Grand Dad's Brother married Grand Mother's Sister; Dad's double-first cousin, Augustine Willis married Mom's Aunt, Viola Clarke.

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Have you considered setting up a web site for selling over the internet? Would like to know if anyone could help me to identify which Native American Tribe of the Powhatan Nation, we belong to.

Darryll Seabourne I was delighted to see this website. Father's Side: Timothy Willis (son of Erie"Cue"Willis & Phoebe(Cosby)Willis; Ware Neck, Matthews County; Willis &/or Tabb Plantations.

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