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Your income depends on the number of letters that are sent by registered members to each other. Earn extra income by arranging flower and gift delivery from one member to another.

You can receive up to $50 for each successful order!

All you need do is ensure timely delivery whether it’s a bunch of fresh flowers, a fruit basket, or a teddy bear.

So take your chance to earn and deliver happiness all around!

I’ve never found a more efficient and dedicated group of people. It gives me a really warm feeling and also good financial support. I’ve grown from a very small agency with only me doing everything to a good sized agency with a team behind me.

Now I employ 9 translators, photographers and admin staff to support a large number of members.

But they have always been there to support me and give me feedback. I’m a hard worker and enjoy managing my team so everything has worked out well. In one side, I’m creating opportunities for real love and in the other side I’m getting economic stability.

Also, I wish to extend my appreciation to Amo Latina Team, who has dedicated its knowledge and time to the company development.

Make the romance happen for real when you process gifts sent by members to those they care for.