The film is freely available from the Australian government.In one shot, it’s clear the railway-builders half-demolished a beautiful Ottoman house to allow the track to take a curve above the Mediterranean.

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She said that when Yair mentioned one of his ex-girlfriends in the tape, he was most likely talking about her.

Yair Netanyahu’s ex-girlfriend Lee Levi has responded to the explosive recording released last night (Monday) in which the Israeli prime minister’s son is heard talking to his friends about his evening with exotic dancers.

As always, Young’s interest curls round the decay and the might-have-been.

He’s climbed up onto the track and found Mar Mikhael station in ruins – it has simply fallen down – and the remains of an old carriage. ” He has, of course, photos of the real wreckage which he took from the railway line.

And there are the Australian soldiers with British General Spears – who loved De Gaulle and then hated him so much when he refused to grant Lebanon its promised independence that Churchill fired him – and Lebanese President Naccache, France’s pliant Lebanese “leader”.

But the camera also sits above the footplate of a big steam loco, and we travel with it on the movie as it thunders up the Lebanese coast – you can still recognise the surviving railway bridges today – to the cheers of crowds of Lebanese civilians.

He was looking after his songbirds in the back garden of the house during the Lebanese civil war when a shell burst next to them.

Lee Levi, an Israeli model who dated Yair Netanyahu for a brief period in 2015, has responded to the recording of the prime minister’s son talking disrespectfully about women.

More than a hundred years ago, Salim and Adele Boustani had six children, one of them a daughter called Georgette.

After arriving with the Allied forces in 1941, a Scottish officer, the gloriously named Frank Armour, fell in love with Georgette and married her. Somehow, the Boustani house, like the old railway station down the road, appears to encompass both the tragedy and faith of Lebanon.

“It’s important for me to clarify and speak my opinion about the content of the recorded conversation,” she added.