Louise says that before anything else, women should think about whether they really want to be with the man they're trying to seduce, whether he is the right man for them, and if they really want to have sex.'Men are very good at being fast in their minds and strong willed and women tend to be a bit more floaty, not knowing what she wants and a bit more compromising,' she explains.

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She can feel that way when she feels into her vagina.''Women have forgotten to listen to their vaginas and put up the boundaries that their vaginas are speaking,' Louise says.'When her vagina says yes, go with it, when her vagina says no go with it.

That keeps the vagina happy.' Louise says: 'We are brought up in a culture - and this is worldwide - we [as women] are supposed to be more compromising, more subordinate more accommodating, and men are supposed to be showing the direction and being in charge of that.'Women are trained to accommodate, and this is why I'm talking about reclaiming your p***y power because women need to know what they want and set the directions to their own lives.' 'Don't be the little princess who's waiting for a man on the white horse to approach you but show up in the world asking for what you wants,' Louise said.'That's not just sexuality, that's career-wise, her friendships, relationships, parents and colleagues – when we have sexual confidence we show up in the world in a different way.'When it comes to having sex with your partner, Louise says: 'Instead of just thinking of it as what you're supposed to do or your partner would like, come into your own body.'Just come into and process your own body, breathe into your body and go with that moment to moment.

He asked the boys if they could hear any music yet, but Archie told him he could just hear 'rattles'.

Archie then wondered if the silent tape needed batteries.

Mr Crane, 39, giggled from behind the camera as he filmed the trio struggling to work out how to play music from the cassettes.

Archie held a tape to his ear and said: 'I'm just getting rattles. ', while Oscar pointed out various holes that could be old-school headphone jacks.

β€” Update – p.m.: The filmmakers behind the campus sexual assault documentary The Hunting Ground are reportedly planning a documentary about the sexual misconduct scandal currently engulfing Hollywood.

The filmmakers said they had initially had trouble securing financing for the movie from partners who feared retaliation from powerful figures, but that it’s all changed in the wake of the Weinstein scandal.

Using the hashtag #Women Boycott Twitter, Mc Gowan, who on Thursday said on Twitter that she had been raped by Weinstein, asked her followers to stop using the social media platform for 24 hours beginning Friday at midnight in solidarity to her cause.