Graphic quality is good, but the models they used less so.Looks like they used Poser models (Laura or the Millenium Girl or the PTGWG), which are decent. Also, could have been MUCH improved with closeups, or at least higher-quality rendering - would have taken longer to animate, but would have been worth it.

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The main character`s name gets changed halfway through because someone wasn`t paying attention to the writing.

This is all very disappointing because I truly enjoy vampire stories, movies, and so forth.

Then you see ending #3, so it happens exactly like if you had the rosary and if you don`t click on it i like the previous attempt at this whole "vampire" love thing this game is a challenge sadly but once you played with the game about the third or second time then you will understand how the game works well done game with good graphics and decent gameplay, but story is terrible in my opinion and not a fan of vampire stories they always try to make them out to be a girls dream come true.

me personally I prefer reality ones or if you are going to try something different actually be different by doing something science fiction based or fantasy based, not just real life thrown together with some weird vampire.

Anyway, you get ending #2 ending 3 Bulgur casts a spell and you become temporary a statue.

As before, the blonde licks your pussy, bulgur touches your pussy, the brunette sucks bulgur`s dick, oral cumshot, 69 with the 2 girls.

If only more time was put into this it would have been an excellent game. Don`t read about vampires and have hesitations about being with the vampire.

good graphics, lame story, more interaction would be great, instead of just clicking through the story. Don`t read about vampires and don`t have hesitations about being with the vampire.

I love the little traps that Shark sets in his games to end them early if you pick the wrong thing or can`t react fast enough to fix a problem.

The verbage he uses for his `english` version could be better as it`s about a 90 percent translation. I love this game style, but I really wish they`d improve the english, just having one person checking over everything would make the meet n` fuck games, and the passionoflove or whatever its called, much better.

I understand that it might make the game too heavy, but maybe place a warning like "BEWARE: FOR BEEFY COMPUTERS ONLY" who want to know how to get all ending ending 1 *For ending #1: (you need the rosary, see above) Bulgur casts a spell and you become temporary a statue. No fucking way am i hurting my best friend with a sex toy.