The left side also has more turtles, but the right side has the dolphins.1,500 years ago: Polynesians arrive in Hawaii after navigating the ocean using only the stars to guide them.

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The left side of the bay is shallower than the right side.

The deepest part of the left side averages to 25 feet while the right side goes to well over 100 feet.

There is a beautiful story as to why it acquired that name.

The Honaunau bay is a calm, almost quiet place where one can go to, to seek peace of mind and relaxation.

The City was also a place where those who broke the "kapu," or sacred Hawaiian law might find a pardon.

Kapu forbid women to eat with men, and commoners to look at a chief or even touch a chief's shadow.

The "City of Refuge" was a place where women, the elderly, and children would go in times of war.

When the war was finished, all would be bound to the victor.

Today, many visitors come without being chased to get a glimpse of the village.