"Pretty drastic prescription for a man who has been a Law Officer of the Crown." "I speak figuratively.

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"Then it's a mind diseased, to which I don't propose to minister. " "Simply what my housekeeper calls a 'no-how' feeling." "It's clearly nothing physical. Your digestion's as good as anybody's can be in London in Midsummer. Now there seems to be nothing in the world I want to do—neither work nor play." "Try fishing.

Your nerves—well, I've tried all the stock tests, and they appear to be normal." "Oh, my nerves are all right," said the other wearily. You used to be keen." "I've killed all the salmon I mean to kill.

"If you ask my professional advice," he said, "I am bound to tell you that medical science has no suggestion to offer.

If you consult me as a friend, I advise you to steal a horse in some part of the world where a horse-thief is usually hanged." The other considered.

You have good food and all the rest of it at your command—well, you've got to be in want for a bit to appreciate them.

You're secure and respected and rather eminent—well, somehow or other get under the weather.Everything seemed weary and over-familiar—the summer smell of town, the din of traffic, the panorama of faces, pretty women shopping, the occasional sight of a friend.Long ago, he reflected with disgust, there had been a time when he had enjoyed it all.He did not look behind him, or he would have seen another gentleman approach cautiously round the corner of a side-street, and, when the coast was clear, ring the doctor's bell.He was so completely fatigued with life that he neglected to be cautious at crossings, as was his habit, and was all but slain by a motor-omnibus.If you could induce the newspapers to accuse you of something shady and have the devil of a job to clear yourself it might do the trick. You need to be made to struggle for your life again—your life or your reputation. I should feel like play-acting if in cold blood I got myself into difficulties, and I take it that the essence of your prescription is that I must feel desperately in earnest." "I'm not prescribing.