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On the highway, what should he see but a family of ducks crossing the road. • “Man, that was a hell of a thing you did, knocking on my door that day.” • The music on is always pretty great, but the show outdid itself with “Memphis.” The new version of “Blues Run the Game” for the repeat bus montage is a nice touch and Brian Tyree Henry’s vocals on William’s “We Can Always Come Back to This” straight-up ?

• Of course Randall would think it’d be fun to do a road trip only using hard copies of maps.

He’s feeling so much better, in fact, that he would very much like to go on a road trip down to Memphis with William.

Beth is against the idea, and so they bring it to Randall’s psychiatrist.

He also recognizes that a trip away, where Randall might meet some extended family, could be good for him. Before they leave, William goes into Tess and Annie’s room to say good-bye while they’re still sleeping. It’s not long before William brings up Randall’s episode; it was alarming for him to see Randall, who seems to have it all together, so vulnerable. He’s been having these kinds of attacks since he was a kid and Jack was the only one who could help him control it.

He would take Randall’s face in his hands and the two would breathe together.

It’s definitely a case of the latter in this latest installment, a beautiful and moving send-off for a beloved character. “Memphis” gives us a break from the drama of the Pearson clan in order to focus on one man’s life. Those two are national treasures and the show will be a little bit less without Jones in every episode.

After taking a father-son trip down to Memphis to show Randall where he grew up, William dies in the hospital, looking up at his teary-eyed son. It’s a gorgeous episode — from the music to the editing — and it really soars thanks to moving performances from Ron Cephas Jones and Sterling K. It’s only been a week since our dear Randall’s anxiety-fueled breakdown, and already the guy seems better.

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yet, it behooves you to watch “Memphis” before reading this recap. Episodes like “Memphis” make me wish there was some way I could reach through the screen and give all of my fellow MAKES YOU CRY.

This time, the story expands to include William taking care of his mother as she dies, and we see that he resisted drugs for a long time.