AND on top of that my newsfeed won't show anything past last Friday.

As we all know, Google Reader is disappearing on July 1st.

Under the navigation bar, you will see the blog feed. How to claim a blog on Bloglovin’ As I mentioned above, any URL with a valid RSS Feed can be added to Bloglovin’ as it is a reader, the blog owner doesn’t need to have an account for their blog to appear on the site.

By claiming your blog, you are proving that the blog is yours.

Does the blog owner or Bloglovin’ benefit from traffic Bloglovin’ sends the user to your blog address, meaning that you receive the traffic.

There are some confusions about the use of the frame, which I briefly dicuss here.

Bloglovin’ is an easy way to follow blogs and get notified when they upload a new post.

Bloglovin’ is a reader which updates using RSS Feeds.

Once you’ve claimed your blog, you can go to Account My Blog and edit your details, such as title, description and category.

How to claim you Profile Page Set up a profile page here to display some information about you and a list of your blogs.

Click on your blog title, copy the code and paste it into a new blog post on your blog.

This is to prove that you have access to the blog account.

I cannot see any new stories on my Newsfeed from the various pages and brands I follow.