The one with brown eyes slammed his fist on the ground causing spikes of earth to shoot up. He had his Byakugan activated and what he saw shocked him.

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The one with white eyes shot a bolt of lightning from his fingers at the wall.

The one with blue eyes pulled water out of the air and whipped at a desk slicing it in half. He was Hiashi Hyuuga, the patriarch of the Hyuuga clan.

The original Naruto formed a large fireball in his hands.

The one with green eyes formed a twister in his hands.

This is a Shinobi matter not a civilian one."The fat man huffed before plopping back down in his seat."I fail to see why you would even want to train the boy in the first place," a council woman said.

The old man looked down at the woman and said, "The reason I trained him is because…you know…why don't you show them."Naruto smirked and rose up from his seat. The original's eyes turned red, another green, another blue, another white, another brown.

Later…Naruto sighed as he walked through the village.

So far he had seen many girl give him some crazy stare where their eyes were in the shape of hearts. All the while he noticed some of the younger children were looking at him with looks of idolization.

He was currently looking to see if he could find any of the other jonin.

He was walking through the training grounds when he noticed a huge forest that was surrounded by a fence with barbed wire.

Look at him and think…you know what Shikaku just tell us."The head of the Narua clan muttered something under his breath and said, "It's obvious he's the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki."Everyone gasped.