However, the failure of this game also presents the picture that not only are dating sims not marketable overseas, but that game genres catered to women are also not marketable or profitable.

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For those of us who enjoy translating and localizing, our jobs can be rather scarce or relegated to freelancing.

While this may not have too large of an impact overall, it would be nice to have a potentially steady stream of games coming in that are in need of translators and localizers.

In fact, one mobile otome game, Midnight Cinderella, boasts a player-base of over three million!

Plot-wise, otome games follow the story of a young woman—high school is a popular choice of setting—usually trying to overcome some struggle in her life, while also meeting some cute guys on the side that she can date.

However, it was this game’s failure that, most likely, gave pause to more visual novels in this vein from even being considered by larger developers.

Sprung’s failure, I think, can be attributed to a general lack of knowledge of the genre (on both the parts of the developers and the audience), and that everything in that game, even the female lead’s story, was so male gaze-y.

The player could pick from a male or female protagonist, and basically went through the game forging relationships and maybe getting lucky by the end of it.

The game really, really sucked—in both my personal opinion and in general opinion.

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