However, Mak still does not know that Nak and his child are already ghosts.

Anyone who tries to tell Mak about it suddenly dies. Based on the popular ghost story in Thailand about Nak, this is the no.1 local movie in Thailand’s box-office history.

Leeteuk: Jongjin’s girlfriend will study abroad and will leave 3 days later.

So if you want to try something different from the usual English, Japanese, and Korean movies, check out these highly recommended movies with most of them becoming no. This is a story of Nam (Baifern Pimchanok), changing herself to be better academically and physically to get Chon’s (Mario Maurer) attention.

For the past few years, Thai rom-com movies have proven to be a standard for this genre because of their touching and warmhearted effect on viewers.

Starring Jirayu Laongmanee, Suthatta Udomsilp, Sunny Suwanmethanon, Cris Horwang, Suquan Bulakul and Nichkhun from 2PM.

The stress caused by the dating ban in the bank where the couple Jib (Ice Preechaya) and Sua (Ter Chantavit) work has taken its toll; so they decided to finally get married.

Starring Ter Chantavit and Noona Nuengthida, this movie is Thailand’s no.1 local movie for the year 2010.

A movie divided into 3 stories in connection to the romance people experience in different ages.w=300&h=199" data-large-file=" w=474" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-1094" alt="The Wonder Girls" src="" width="300" height="199" srcset=" w=300&h=199 300w, w=598&h=398 598w, w=150&h=100 150w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" /Yenny: @WGyenny Sun: WGsun Sohee: @WGsohee Yubin: @WGyubin Lim: @WG_Lim Bo A: @Bo Akwon Miss A Min: @miss A_min Suzy: @miss A_suzy Jia: @miss A_jia Fei: @miss A_fei Beast Gi Kwang: @B2st GK Dongwoon: beastdw *the only ones I can find at the moment* A pink *Don’t know names. Our Yesung’s younger brother has a girlfriend whom he like very much. Yesung has a younger brother (Jongjin) who he always dote on right? (Enters flashback**) So Jongjin gave Yesung a call,”Hyung, my girlfriend will be studying overseas, I need to meet her.” Yesung replied,”Are you standing me up for your girlfriend? O: @MBLAQGO Mir: @Bang Mir Thunder: @MBLAQCD Lee Joon: Waiting Patiently Infinite *I know that this isn’t all of them, but it was kind of hard to find them* Hoya: @Hoya1991 Seongyeol: @seongyeol1991 L Kim: @INFINITELKIM Sungjong: @infiniteyounges Seonggyu: @leadergyo Block B B-Bomb: @Block B2011 Anjaejhy: @Blockbhyo Tae-il: @BB_taeil Zico: ZICO92 Kyung: @Block Bkyung Tasty: @tastytwins0809 Tony An: @Topstar07 2ne1 Sandara: @krungy21 Bom: @haroobomkum Minzy: @mingkki21 CL: I don’t think she has one Se7en: @officialse7en Super Junior Leeteuk: @special1004 Eunhyuk: @All Rise Silver Siwon: @siwon407 Donghae: @donghae861015 Ryeowook: @ryeong9 Yesung: @shfly3424 Shindong: @Shins Friends Sungmin: @im SMI Kyuhyun: @Gaem Gyu Henry: @henrylau89 ZE: A Jun Young: @ZEA_leader Heechul: @ZEA7777 Siwan: @Siwan_ZEA Minwoo: @ZEA_mw Hyungsik: @ZEA_Hyungsik Tae Heon: @ZEA_TH Kwanghee: @hwangkwanghee Jewelry Eunjung: @jewelry_jjung Yewon: @jewelry_yeye Semi: @jewelry_sssem Baby J: @babyj616 Secret Zinger: @HANAZINGER Hyosung: @Secretimehs Jieun: @SECRETjieun Psy: @psy_oppa Epik High Tablo: @Blobyblo Mithra: @Real Mithrajin DJ Tukutz: @Tukutz81 A-Jax *Again, don’t know their names.* @Ajax_SM93 @Ajax_HJ91 @Ajax SJ94 @Ajax_HK88 @Ajax_SY94 @Ajax_YY93 @Ajax_JH90 B1A4 *Don’t know their names* @B1A4_gongchan @B1A4_CNU @BARO920905 B. P Zelo: @Zelo96 Daehyun: @BAP_Daehyun Bang Yong Guk: @BAP_bangyongguk Himchan: @Himchanchan Jongup: @BAP_Jongup Yonugjae: @BAP_youngjae Phew, that’s it for today.