This pioneering video album won a 1984 Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video.

It was certified Gold by the RIAA (Billboard magazine for the week ending November 24, 1984).

Nighma sixy video-37

Originally in my first draft, we also showed a human operator operating the dog robot from across the ocean at his house. We deliberately pared it back and did a very simple story. Originally in the script, it just said “toys.” The idea was a box of toys for a dying child.

There was a bit I liked where he leaves the [control unit] while the robot is watching her while she’s up in the tree and he goes and gives his kids a bath. David wanted it to be the only soft and comforting thing that we saw in the entire piece.

The instrumental middle section features friends of the band from the Rum Runner nightclub dancing in their outlandish outfits.

At the end of the video, singer Simon Le Bon leaps from the stage, caught in a freeze frame shot above an apparently bottomless abyss.

The set-up: It’s a post-apocalyptic future where robot dogs are hunting human survivors, including our protagonist (Maxine Peake), who faces an unrelenting and surprisingly capable pursuer across a barren landscape.

The robot is full of lethal tricks, ranging from operating a car to re-charging from the sun.

yet also unavoidably make you wonder: episode which began streaming Friday.

Below, series creator Charlie Brooker answers a few of our burning questions.

The music for the video is the David Kershenbaum re-mix of the studio track, which contains an alternate chorus lyric in the closing section of the song.