For just 00/hr, we can Skype video call any day of the week, but not weekends, because I need to go do Yoga with my dog. This is extremely dangerous as the victim requires real counselling or therapy, not a life coach. If you want to gain passion, just try out all sorts of shit until your heart and mind clicks. They only make you feel better without actually solving your problems. If you like what you read, support my work right here at Patreon!

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One of them was very thankful and now we’re still friends. One can only wonder how doctors feel when they’ve to deal with patients who claim they manage to self-diagnosed their condition because of Web MD. You stop believing in yourself that you can absolutely do something on your own. For whatever that’s out there in this world, somebody started doing it on their own first. I don’t mean that in a condescending “stop being a nerd” way.

I even successfully coached a total of three people for free over Skype. Perhaps you’ll be a star student and be fully qualified at a shorter time because they also included their Coaching Training Accelerator program for free. The surge of internet certification has made it too easy for everyone. Complete lapse in judgment of yourself Some people do need help. You destroy your own abilities to make judgments of yourself and things around you. If you can’t ever believe in yourself, what is life?

It is usually entirely off-topic and has nothing to do with their so-called expertise in “life,” So, you’ll find that a lot of life coaches are also experts in picking up girls, creating a business online, social media or life coaching itself, whatever the fuck that means. You’ve already taken the FIRST step to re-discovering the core of your very being simply because you told me what you just said.

In order to show that they’re more qualified, some of them go for .

This is what I think of the “life coaches” out there.

And this is going to be controversial and piss a lot of people off. Life coaches write a bunch of crappy blog posts or put up boring You Tube videos of themselves talking about life and then call themselves “experts.” Their definition of what entails a good life centers around topics of finding purpose, passion, quitting your job to do what you love and socializing with people (because apparently you need a lot of friends and you have to please everybody in life to have a good life.) Because the above topics are too general, their lead magnet to capture your attention, whereby they ask you to fill in your details to get their free newsletter or whatever is engineered to be more specific to capture your attention.

I’m so shy in front of girls and I’m not used to it.

I’m gonna help you rediscover your life and make it a kickass one.

That is why ONLY the headline of something draws you to click on a link.