Blackmailed husband: While I was traveling recently, my husband started chatting with another woman, which eventually led to him sending a nude pic of himself.

The woman had asked him to download an app that essentially stole all his phone contacts.

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I’m not especially sympathetic to the “fresh knife through [your] heart” when your boyfriend was hospitalized in an attempt to cover up your affair.

If the worst thing you have to suffer over the next few weeks are some uncomfortably close-to-home remarks, count yourself lucky. If your hope is simply to keep your head down and go back to life as it once was after your boyfriend nearly died to keep your secret, I think you are seeking a return to the status quo at the expense of honesty, commitment, and courage. Daughter wants late-term abortion: My daughter left her husband, and now wants to abort what had been a wanted pregnancy.

If the time comes to let him go, it will be better for him in the long run to find a job he’s capable of doing, rather than hoping one of his colleagues will carry him upon their shoulders indefinitely.

Surely you don’t think you can cover up his mistakes for the rest of your life.

I work until midnight fixing his stuff and wake up at 5 so I can get to work before 7 to do my own work.

Here’s the real issue: His partner is sick and unemployed but ineligible for disability (his poor performance long predates this situation).

I think you can tell your bosses about how untenable the current state of affairs is without feeling as if you’re responsible for your co-worker losing his job.

If there’s additional training or support that might make the difference, your bosses will be better able than you to determine how to help him improve.

I have given him highlighted hard copies with notes and tracked changes versions of his documents with explanations of why we do things one way instead of his way.