'She shamelessly continued: 'I've been told I'm a MILF. I want to be a housemate for the money and I'm am just concerned with myself.' The next person to enter was cheeky Sam Thompson, 24, from E4's Made In Chelsea - who told Emma that going into the CBB house will be like 'boarding school' and he hoped to be 'more mature' as a result The women are joined by Sam Thompson from E4's Made In Chelsea - who told Emma that going into the CBB house will be like 'boarding school' and he hoped to be 'more mature' as a result.

Spiritual medium Derek Acorah, who is known for his part in TV show Most Haunted, was teased from the offset that the house 'may be haunted.' Upon entering the mansion, Shaun was immediately summoned to the Diary Room where he was given a secret mission to be 'as nervous as possible' during the night, while not getting caught out by his housemates.'You need to be the most nervous housemate in the history of Big Brother.

Taking a thinly veiled stab at her ex-bandmates, she quickly said that she'd been in a girlband, which she didn't like, and did not want to experience more 'confrontation' inside the house.

Outspoken: You Tuber Trisha Paytas, who boasts 1 billion views online, was the next in line and admitted that she has done outrageous videos such as 'how to lick your own vagina' and 'world's biggest vibrator' Emma Willis barely had a break between the final of Big Brother on Friday and the beginning of the celebrity version of the series.

Had authorities apprehended the Russian earlier, the mob may not have had to intervene, residents claim.

One resident, Fabricio Rechy, showed the police some of the videos - most of which have since been taken offline - he'd posted.'None of this would have happened if they had just taken notice when I asked them to,'Rechy told the Daily Beast.

Superstar stylist Hannah Mac Leod styled Emma's dress with black Jimmy Choo shoes, or you could add barely there nude heels to allow the dress to do all the talking.

Karlie Kloss, Kate Beckinsale and Nicole Scherzinger are all big fans of Rebecca Vallance so you'll be in good company!

In one video, he appears to be putting his middle finger up at a girl - who looked about three or four years old - while saying: 'Look monkey, you must remember this.'In the videos he posted to his Youtube channel and Facebook page, he showed off his knives and insulted Mexicans - sometimes surrounded by swastika labels.

This is a picture he featured in one of his Facebook videos, which was posted on March 23Impatient with the authorities' slow intervention, the Mexican community decided to put matters in their own hands and attempted to lynch him.

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