Men make up only 23 per cent of participants in NHS weight loss programmes, the report says.Peter Baker, of the Men’s Health Forum charity, which compiled the report, said: ‘Men who are overweight are less likely than women to actually believe they are overweight, they are much less aware.Autism, ADHD and other behavioral problems have increased over recent decades, as has obesity.

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Army Regulation 600-9, "Army Weight Control Program," states that soldiers must be able to meet the physical demands of their duties under combat conditions and to present "a trim military appearance at all times." Soldiers will be required to weigh in, at least, when taking the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) or no longer than every six months.

Weight checks adhere to the following procedures: Height/Weight Chart For Males Height/Weight Chart For Females Those soldiers that exceed the maximum weight for their height will be be evaluated on how much of a body fat percentage they have.

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They convince themselves it is all muscle, and being a “big bloke” has a certain status.’He pointed to a University of Liverpool study which showed that 55 per cent of overweight men thought their weight was ‘about right’, compared with 31 per cent of overweight women.

Mr Baker said: ‘Culturally there is so much pressure on women to be slim – women’s magazines are full of dieting tips and idealised images of thin women.’Even if they do realise they have a problem, men are often unwilling to take action, Mr Baker said.

ADHD alone is thought to affect between two and five percent of school-aged children and being born prematurely, having a low birthweight or if their mothers smoked, drank or took drugs increased the risk.

Professor Dr Bernard Fuemmeler of the Virginia Commonwealth University explained: 'Prenatal exposure to environmental toxins, stress and nutrition have all been linked to neurodevelopmental outcomes in children.'Of note, the increase in prevalence of neurodevelopmental problems has also been paralleled by an increase in prevalence of obesity in society.'This parallel, along with preclinical data linking high-fat diet and pre-pregnancy obesity to errant brain and behavioural development in offspring, have led to speculation that there may be a link between these two recent trends.'Correspondingly, there has been growing attention to maternal weight status, either pre-pregnancy weight or excess gestational weight gain, on children's neurodevelopmental outcomes.'The team found there was a 58 percent increased risk of developmental delay and a 42 percent increased risk of emotional or behavioral problems among children of obese women as opposed to children of healthy-weight women.

Remember, if you first are found to exceed the maximum weight for your height, you will then have your body fat evaluated.