While such acts have long been criminalized and domestic violence was specifically proscribed under the 2013 Family Protection Act (FPA), few perpetrators are brought to justice.Three years since the FPA was passed, it has not been implemented.There is also a severe lack of services for people requiring assistance after having suffered family violence, such as safe houses, qualified counselors, case management, financial support, or legal aid.

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it is currently the most rural country in the world, with most people outside of the capital of port mosebly either working as subsistant farmers or living in traditional tribes.

Despite Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) economic boom led by extractive industries, almost 40 percent of the country’s population lives in poverty.

PNG has one of the highest rates of maternal death in the world, second only to Afghanistan in the Asia Pacific region.

Only slightly more than 50 percent of women and girls give birth in a health facility or with the help of a skilled birth attendant, and although the PNG government supports universal access to contraception, two out of three women still are unable to access and use it.

In February, a mob killed a family of four over accusations of sorcery.

In August, reports emerged of villagers attacking a number of women suspected of involvement in sorcery in PNG's Enga province, including one woman who had her hand chopped off.

The government has not taken sufficient steps to address gender inequality, violence, corruption, or excessive use of force by police.

Rates of family and sexual violence are among the highest in the world, and perpetrators are rarely prosecuted.

Police and prosecutors rarely pursue investigations or criminal charges against people who commit family violence—even in cases of attempted murder, serious injury, or repeated rape—and instead prefer to resolve such cases through mediation and/or payment of compensation.

Police also often demand money (“for fuel”) from victims before acting, or simply ignore cases that occur in rural areas.

Australia transfers asylum seekers that arrive in Australian waters by boat to PNG’s Manus Island for refugee status determination and settlement.