Romance and the emotions it evokes will always be an essential, if ubiquitous part of living.

Not easily defined and less easily found, when it comes our way we must embrace it for as long as we can.

Let them know your feelin' it with a sad poem written especially for gangsters in love.

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Along with shattered hopes, there is a sense of loss and bereavement. More Gangster Romantic Poems: Whether you a thug smitten by cupid's arrow, or you a shortie be luvin' a homie, you will find just the right words to tell yo boo how you feel in this wonderful urban collection from My Word Wizard.

Poems for Ghetto Teens: Lovin' in the hood is the real deal.

The contributors at My Word Wizard have put together a powerful collection of thoughts that will inspire you to let her know just how much you care.

Poems for Him: Want to say it in a way that will go straight to his heart.

This type of dynamic is often one sided and may be signified by unrequited feelings.

We think you will enjoy exploring these poems by the writers at My Word Wizard.Let our wordsmiths bring out your romantic side with a poem from our amazing collection.Gangster Sad Poems: A gangster's got feelings beneath that tough exterior.With all you got goin' on, leave time to tell your boo how you feel with a poem from our collection.Poems for Her: If you have deep feelings for her, let her know.Through the words of our writers, we hope you find inspiration to express just how deeply you care about the special person in your life. Birthday Poems: This collection of poems is the perfect way to say I love you on that special someone's birthday. Break Up Sad Poems: Whether your heart is breaking, or you're the one moving on, we have just the right words to help you express that empty feeling that accompanies a break up.