It’s a neat trick that would have made King George III blush. Everything that needs to be done to ensure the cashflow doesn't dry up is done, including engaging in perjury.Once a government becomes reliant on a new, legally-questionable revenue stream, the "questionable" part tends to be buried under absurd claims about traffic safety and traffic accident deaths. Mac Leod was finally allowed to address the proxy accusing him of speeding: the local PD.Not that his mattered to the city of Montgomery's (where Mac Leod resides) governance.

Adam Mac Leod, law professor at Faulkner University, was the recipient of a traffic cam speeding ticket.

The problem was that he wasn't driving the vehicle when the infraction occurred.

So, it was his vehicle being ticketed, but he was being held responsible for someone else's infraction.

He decided to fight it, and that fight uncovered just how crooked the traffic cam system is.

The attorney had no way of answering this question honestly, or even accurately.

What Mac Leod discovered during his speeding ticket battle is that his local government -- like many other local governments deploying traffic cameras -- had created a legal netherworld between civil and criminal law where tickets issued by software were allowed to operate.I asked when I could expect to be charged, indicted, or have a probable cause determination.She replied that none of those events would occur because this is “a civil action.” So I could expect to be served with a complaint? As she had already explained, we would proceed under the criminal rules.Using this nifty device, a city can charge you of a crime without any witnesses, without any probable cause determination, and without any civil due process.In short, municipal officials and their private contractors have at their disposal the powers of both criminal and civil law and are excused from the due process duties of both criminal and civil law. The camera company (in this case, American Traffic Solutions) likes the money.Get one FREE lift ticket per night stayed for each Power Pass holder on the reservation, maximum 3 per pass holder. Call 1-800-663-2929 and ask for the Power Pass Package.