The place forms the northernmost part of the state.

Reena, younger to a brother and a sister, was ambitious ever since she completed Class 12 – the highest qualification in this Dalit peasant family. Father Gurmail Ram had already invested Rs 50,000 in Reena’s IELTS training.

Ambition in this case — particularly in the Doaba region of Punjab — means going to the West. “Here in India, work meant washing utensils; how much worse could it be? “I sold off a part of my 10 marlas of land for Rs 1.6 lakh, and paid Rs 1.2 lakh to the agents,” he says. She has since become the face of a growing menace in Punjab wherein women are taken to Saudi Arabia to work as maids, and then appear in videos on social media, crying over slavery-like conditions.

The male and female literacy rates were 85.90% and 75.70%, respectively.

For the 2001 census, the rates were 79.80% and 67.10% respectively. Obv: Standing figure, probably of Vishvamitra, Kharoshthi legend, around: Mahadevasa Dharaghoshasa/Odumbarisa "Great Lord King Dharaghosha/Prince of Audumabara", across: Viçvamitra "Vishvamitra".

Gurdaspur city was named after Mahant Guriya das ji.

The Emperor Akbar was crowned at Kalanaur, which is 26 km from the city.If you do not meet these requirements, then you do not have permission to use the Website. But Gurbaksh Kaur — crying intermittently as relatives hug her — insists it’s her second birth.A nationally accredited body by Ministry of Tourism (India) Institute of Hotel Management, Catering & Nutrition is also located in Gurdaspur. Gurdaspur is an economically prosperous city compared to many other towns of the Punjab or Himachal Pradesh. “Even men get homesick and send videos seeking help.