In the interest of keeping their little guns as sleek and snag-free as possible, the Rohrbaughs lacked a slide stop.

The resulting gun didn’t lock back when empty (obviously).

Ergonomics (carry): * * * * Slightly chunkier (wider) than its primary competitors — think LCP, Bodyguard 380 and P3AT. Ergonomics (shooting): * * * * No mouse gun is fun to shoot, but the RM380’s added thickness fills the hand which reduces felt recoil and makes emptying a few mags at the range more than tolerable. Customize this: * * You can replace the grip panels and add a laser. Still, Remington bought a proven design and made it better and cheaper.

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The first letter of the date code is as follows: A = Jan. There is a much more complete information on dating a Marlin here at in the reference section. t=495G Wi; You apparently have a new Marlin Model 1895 that was manufactured in 1973.

I have heard that all of the 219 rifles were manufactured in the fifties.

I guess I am confused about the difference between a regular Marlin and a Marlin Glenfield that were both made in the same year.

i was deer hunting and found a old remington target master model 510 single shot .22 sitting against a tree it has no serial number this gun shoots like a champ just had to put a new stock on it what can you tell me about this great find ?? I was thinking they were made from 37-62 but could be mistaken.

Remington soon realized their worst fears, consigning the Long Island gun brand to the dust heap of history. The relocated mag release makes for easier, quicker mag dumps and reloads.

They also added some well executed checkering to the front strap for a surer grip.

The second letter of the date code is as follows: F = 1962 G = 1963 H = 1964 I = 1965 J = 1966 K = 1967 L = 1968 So a date code of "JK" would indicate that rifle was made in October of 1967. Straight stock, 21 ½ inch barrel, 40 ½ inch over-all. If you give us that letter we'll be able to tell you the year it was made. Perhaps there is some obscure marking that is near impossible to find – like markings on Waterford crystal, but I see nothing else.

No other identification can be found other than the Marlin insignia Doesn't seem to fit into the date codes above. There will be a letter before the serial number that will probably be between "M" and "S"" in the alphabet.

I know it was made in 1970 and I have read that the Glenfield name indicates it was made for a chain or mass-merchandise store.

Is there any way to determine exactly what store based on the serial number?

The RM380’s slide stop ensures that once the hammer’s dropped on your last round, you’ll know it – without that awkward ‘click’ on an empty chamber.