Here’s hoping that Casey’s moments to shine, without his shirt, continue in the new year.

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Paul’s in the closet and Sonny (played by Freddie Smith) is currently married to Will Horton but that doesn’t stop Paul from planting a kiss on Sonny after getting him alone.

Flashbacks revealed even more of the two, as their sexual history was remembered.

Jamie stands by Harvard law school friend Dana, who gets mugged while distributing help to the homeless, and rewards him with romantic interest. Reagan a report saying the drugs are from Guadalajara and that means it can't be Otto because his come from Durango.

Later they twice refer to Devlin's shipment as coming from Durango, not Guadalajara.

Since his debut Christopher’s character, Paul Narita, has spent most of his time on-screen in the month of November without his shirt, showing off portions of his great chest.

College student Conor, a small dealer, is murdered on campus.

While dealing with his former love, Paul also continues to recover from his shoulder surgery.

His physical therapy sessions apparently require him to be shirtless as well. His character, Ben, has continued to steam up Days of Our Lives thanks to his current on-screen romance with Abby Devereaux.

Rob’s character, Ben, once again finds himself romancing Abby Devereaux, which has been a key storyline for him during the last half of 2014.