It came out mostly intact (and I came out full), with only a single small smudge and a bit of fading on the inside of my lips.

It is most contagious four to 20 days before a rash appears. In most cases no treatment is required, although paracetamol or ibuprofen can help.

But those whose immune system is already compromised, or who already have anaemia, and pregnant women could be at risk.

Slapped Cheek Syndrome is a mild infection caused by a virus known as Parvovirus B19.

It is airborne (passed on by coughs and colds that project drops of saliva through the air): around 60 per cent of adults will have had the disease and so be immune.

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As well as increasing the chance of miscarriage by ten per cent, in a small number of cases the virus is transmitted through the placenta and can cause the baby to become anaemic and swollen.

If an expectant mother believes she has caught it, her GP can do a blood test.

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