There Kazuma comes face to face with a peculiar Alter, one Ryuho had once told him about.

In the course of the battle, he manages to rip off the spine of the Alter, which immediately grows back, and this evolves his own Alter, making it much more powerful.

Eventually, with help from Mimori Kiryu, he actually manages to escape back to the outside.

As he learns of HOLD and HOLY and their underhanded tactics, Kazuma begins to focus his attention on them.

When he fights Ryuho the third time, this time with the Shell Bullet, the sheer force of their fight rips open a door to the "other side" and throws them into it briefly.

In the aftermath of the Second Uprising that he and Ryuho unleashed, Kazuma spends the next eight months fighting in an arena, fighting without a reason, but unlike Ryuho, it seems he has not forgotten anything, as he didn't question who Tachibana and Mimori were.

Kazuma and Ryuhou are the two characters bearing a rivalry used to drive and focus the plot. Kanami is a close friend of Kazuma, who protects her and treats her like a little sister.

They spend much of the series trying to defeat each other, even when they are forced to work together. She narrates the series with her dreams, unknowingly using her alter power to "scry" the emotions of the people she feels closely about.

He had never met anyone as skilled with Alter as Ryuho, and Kazuma's soundly trounced.

However, even as he's confined at HOLY's facility, he refuses to admit defeat.

Mujo develops delusions of grandeur after becoming the defacto head of the Lost Ground government and absorbing the crystal entity from "the other side" to add to his already formidable Alter power.