And she’s hardly reassured when she finds Lockie’s last message carved into the floor: ‘Cameron is a killer.’ In the village, Cameron’s plunged into an even worse mood by Leela telling him she wants to postpone their wedding until after she’s had the baby.

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“Like I said, I didn’t have an insurance company paying the freight for me, I had to pay my own.” He had claimed earlier in the segment that Taya Kyle “had all her attorney fees paid by insurance.” Speaking on his nationally syndicated radio program on Wednesday, Glenn Beck said if Ventura had any “character” he would pay his attorneys and then return the rest of the money to Kyle’s family.

Mercy,” Beck said, making it clear that he believes Kyle was telling the truth.

Yes, not only did M3 win last year’s Performance Car of the Year, it blitzed some fairly serious competition including Boxster big brothers 911 Carrera and 911 GT2.

On the way to the crown the M3 scored 371 points from a possible 400 – that’s 92.7 per cent for those not so handy with the Casio Scientific.

However, with Cameron behind bars with little chance of immediate release and no one aware of her location, will Celine still be alive by the time anyone finds her?

By Jesse Mortensen This Porsche Roadster has supposedly been stashed away since the 70’s.

Two years later, in 2000, the more powerful S version of the Boxster added its name to the hall of fame.

And just last year, the current E46 M3 flogged all and sundry to take home yet another PCOTY trophy.

But both are 0k sportscars with 3.2-litre engines driving the rear wheels through six-speed ’boxes. Beneath the M3’s bulging alloy bonnet lurks one of the greatest internal combustion engines ever given fuel and spark.