“Now move your finger along your cock from the balls to the tip of your head…

I lost count on how many times I got them deep throat and in my holes.

Pain and fatigue turns into carnal pleasure and passionate lust. ……There we were on my bed, Mathias fucking me doggy style with his dick in my ass.

All wanton desires mix with one ultimate passionate fever. He was grabbing my big ass cheeks with his strong hands and pushing that huge organ inside! The pleasure was amazing his cock felt so huge, I loved it, the feeling was the one to break my hearts and get my tears burst into eyes.

He started unloading streams of cum so thick and strong it felt like 10 guys cumming in my ass at once, feeling that made me cum hard.

We spend a lot of time apart from each other, due to his or my work, so we trust each other, and try not to be jealous. It doesn’t mean that we don’t care for each other, I mean that any of us is free to have some sexual affair on side, if needed. I work as an office manager and for the last 2 weeks had been noticing my 42 year old boss looking at me with desire in his eyes.

I don’t really screw around too much but this time I was really horny and started flirting back.This last Saturday he asked me to stay a bit later to talk about work and I said yes knowing what his intentions were.When everyone was gone about 6 pm, his friend Taras came in.“stroke it slow and now more slow, now keep the hand stable until you cum all over my heels.” That was it, my cum was all over her feet.I was lying in bed naked, exhausted without realizing what happened. My boss Victor offered me a drink of vodka and I accepted it.