My groom got ready at the hotel, but if he were to get ready at the venue we had talked about him using the front bedroom or even back porch room and we would not have seen each other.

We also used the cottage as a place for us and the bridal party to hang out a bit between the ceremony & reception.

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My husband and I are so lucky to have had our wedding on such a beautiful day in a gorgeous setting. I would recommend Hope Springs Farm for a gorgeous wedding!

The people that run the place are great and really nice BUT things could have been set up differently and made more convienet for the brides and grooms that use this venue.

Our family visited venues for us and when we booked in Jan.

2015 there was still some items Hope Springs was working on since they had recently opened.

They need to install stuff at the actual venue because not everyone is going to want to rent out the cottage along with the venue.

They also don't give many options for setting up for outside weddings.

He had his vapor cigarette sitting there smoking the whole time. I get that it was just vapor but it's still extremely rude for us and there was many small children around so I was very disappointed.

And he didn't get any of the songs I asked for downloaded when he was given months and months of time to do so.

Lauren can provide you with names of vendors, but you are also allowed to use whatever vendors you choose which was a requirement in my venue choice. The cottage worked great for all of us ladies to get ready!

We did all hair & make-up and able to have breakfast/lunch there.

They have a cottage place that comes with a certain package but that does no good for the ones that do not get that package.