I would think that thing would need to air out at times anyway.Feeding your Slave or Submissive, while you sit at the table, your property is on the floor next to you, you may provide a fork, but it is not needed. Corner time, I seldom spank as a form of punishment, a Slave such as Arianna would easily become confused. Although I have not done it yet Rope Bras are very nice and easily concealed with the right shirt or blouse.

Sexual chatting no sign ups-72

Also something else I have yet to do but is high on my bucket list, is the remote controlled butterfly vibrator.

Yes it can be worn in public, or even over at your in laws house, You the male has full control.

We are all proud of what we have accomplished when it comes to training.

Well at least when it comes to me and my way of thinking. Asking permission before she speaks, while other Slaves just interrupt to make a statement or to voice their opinions.

Yea I know but let me tell you some of her better qualities.

When I start to explain the way she gives head, how much attention she puts in to what she is doing, this dude is just staring at me, Or how much she enjoys rimming.

A very submissive feeling, even more so if the Dominant lubes it up and inserts it himself, a very loose dress works just fine, panties or no panties.

Yea they will complain about getting wet just put a towel on their seat while your driving.

Yea out eating at outback steak house, and you turn it on, and you continue talking like nothing is going on.

My favorite is the Butt plug, I do not make Arianna wear hers as much as I should, but then again things are going to change up a little.

There are videos on Youtube that will help you with the process, or just have at it and try out your imagination….