Shaw Secure includes: Shaw’s free antivirus download requires Windows XP, 2000, Vista, or Windows 7, 1Gb RAM, and 800Mb of free disk space. If you are using their Shaw Webmail then there is no need to download this product.

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Free Antivirus Proection is available from each of the “big three” Internet providers in Canada.

An unprotected computer connected to the Internet can be infected in just 5 minutes – according to Microsoft – don’t let it be yours.

Your software and operating system can also add to your vulnerability.

Upgrade or remove obsolete or unsupported software. The latest service pack is often a prerequisite for security software because it helps them keep you safe. However, remember the time and money you've put into your computer and software (never mind your data).

Shaw internet security is part of the Shaw mail POP3 service.

Shaw offers protection via their Shaw Secure(tm) free antivirus security package, which appears to be a re-branded version of F-Secure.Today, viruses are blended with multi-faceted and simultaneous threats, making them much more dangerous and resulting in serious implications for your personal privacy as well as for your finances if you aren't fully protected.Ransomware is probably the greatest threat today because it encrypts the entire computer, making your documents (financial data, letters, lists, etc.) photos, multimedia files and everything else inaccessible without paying a ransom.Email or call us at 604-715-5107 to find out how we can help. is committed to respecting the privacy of all our visitors to our Web Site.It can be much more expensive to recover from an infection than to simply purchase decent security software in the first place.