It’s still a simple and sporty look but it has a very urban feel.She doesn’t over glam herself that other female rappers have a bad habit of doing – her makeup is as simple as her outfits.

Sooyoung and siwon are dating video

In fact, I’m even surprised that SM Entertainment allowed her to keep her style the way it is. The only reason why she’s on this list is because she has the confidence and as we all know, confidence is key.

, Tsubasa joined up the model line up as soon as she could.

Her fashion isn’t just unique but CL is also quite intelligent too.

She knows four languages: Korean, Japanese, French, and English. I would imagine that he’s letting CL and the other girls help him out when it comes to his latest designs.

She’s not like the traditional Korean bad girl where she just don’t care – her apathy reflects on her fashion as well.

Once again, I can hear the comparisons to Lady Gaga coming from a mile away and very well, she could have been inspired by her.

Currently, 2Ne1 are collaborating with legendary producer will. This spunky girl is from the rotation group Morning Musume.

She’s been part of the group since 2003 and is the only one who had to audition twice.

Funnily enough, she even has her own brand of makeup called Candy Doll, as well as a false eyelashes line called Dolly Wink, and circle lens called Bambi Princess Mimi.