The announcement will delight campaigners, who have previously said bringing high-speed rail to Bradford city centre would boost the local economy by £1.3bn, improve journey times and increase capacity on the railway network.It is not yet clear whether the new station will be in the city centre or at an out-of-town parkway location.“We've got an interchange station, let's use it, let's redevelop that, but of course that case is still to be made.

“There's two key things we need to get right - one is education and the other is transport connectivity.

“If you improve those two things then the rest of the economy just comes together.

Tanya Jackson, head of corporate affairs at Yorkshire Building Society, said: “We welcome this report and are pleased to see the plan includes Bradford as a stop on the route.

"Investment in proper rail connections for Bradford is long overdue and would make a transformational change.

We will put down there the programme as to how we would look to deliver this in terms of timetable etc and this looking at the whole system, which is something which is really important, how that could be phased in especially with the work that's planned on the Trans Pennine upgrade, which is already in very early design." On the location of the station in Bradford, Mr Wood said: "What I think is really important is that we do all the economics first of all.

"We know that Bradford has set their own group up in terms of looking at the station option within the city centre.

“It's about our young people having opportunities both to set up businesses here themselves but also to have access to jobs that we know they are all capable of doing.

“It's about using the talent of our city to its maximum.

Transport for the North (Tf N) has, for the first time, outlined its vision for NPR, a rail network between the North of England's six biggest cities and other economic centres.