Before I joined speed dating events, I had somewhat negative thoughts about it. We used to think that speed dating is (sorry guys, I hate to say this.) for losers, for those who couldn’t get a girlfriend and for those who couldn’t get laid. My perception of speed dating dramatically changed when I tried it myself.Two weeks ago, I got invited by one of the many speed dating event organizers in the country, Date Unlimited. I have this YOLO attitude in life and what that means is that I have adopted the idea that if you want to try something, then by all means try it at least once.

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It appears that the organizers gave us “default” dates for the night.

As for me, my initial date on table #4 was a girl named Jane.

Yes, she is still my type and we have a common interest (i.e. Anyway, I didn’t allow it to bother me much so I decided to put a check beside her name so that I could know her more in case we become a match and decide to meet in the future. She has a fair and flawless skin and that night her hair was pony tailed. The moment I shook her hand and sat on the table, I knew things were just not right.

concerts) but for some reason there is something odd about her that bugged me. I couldn’t get over the fact that one of the things she said she liked to do is to go out on speed dating events like this with her friend, Vicky. Apple At table number 9, I met a really beautiful girl named Apple. During our dialog, I learned that she is a doctor who specializes in surgery. degree aside, I could actually say that I like her because apart from the fact that she is good looking, she is a very good conversationalist. Tess is not a standout, but don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying she’s ugly.

I introduced myself to Jane by shaking her hand and exchanging small jokes about how bad the weather is and how I got so wet in the rain.

Afterwards, I started to look around the room to observe and to see the kind of people who go to speed dates.As I walked towards the entrance of the bar, I whispered to myself, “Expect the Unexpected.”.As I opened the door, I was greeted by the two welcoming organizers, a couple, named Sam and Nicole at the registration area.At the end of the five minute window, the bell rang so I stood up and moved on to the next girl at table 5.I was really excited to meet the girl at table number 5.Then while waiting for the speed dating program proper to begin, participants were asked to seat on the table which has the number corresponding to the one that was on the participant’s pamphlet.