All of your responses will be kept confidential but you will have the opportunity to share your contact information with your dates if you would both like to connect after the event.

You will be compensated for the initial questionnaire and for participating at the event and an additional for each online follow-up questionnaire.

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Social Consequences of First Impressions Study – Speed Dating Want to contribute to social science while looking for a date?

Finally, male selectivity is invariant to group size, while female selectivity is strongly increasing in group size.

Crafting the perfect opening line is the key to successful speed dating, and in the History of Psychology class students have discovered the secret ingredient to an unforgettable introduction: famous historical psychologists.

Shared stories also indicated a sense of connection, as did speakers who showed enthusiasm by varying their speech to get louder and softer.

The researchers said the longer it took for the individuals to decide on a date, the datiny they reported having a speed dating psychology experience, suggesting communication can change someone's feelings about another person and break the association with traits.

While interrupting could be viewed as positive, asking a lot of questions tended to have a negative result.

Questions were used by women to keep a lagging speed dating psychology going and by men who had nothing to say.

Women reported a sense of connection to men who used appreciative language "That's awesome" or speed dating psychology for you" and sympathy "That must be tough on you".

Women also reported clicking with male partners who interrupted them — not as a way to redirect the conversation but to demonstrate understanding and engagement, for example, by finishing a sleed or adding to it. So talking about the empowered party is a sensible strategy toward feeling connected.

Successful dates, the paper notes, were associated with women being the focal point and engaged in the conversation, and men demonstrating alignment with and understanding of the women.