I was given the opportunity to review the Romantic Moments Collection from Five Star Coffee which celebrates couples getting together over a cup of coffee to read through a devotional that is on each coffee bag.

It’s such a fun idea for couples to have a coffee date at home and to seek the Lord together!

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Here are some ways to increase spiritual intimacy and build up that relationship: Reading along with each other or simply encouraging one another to read and have quiet time is so important.

Admittedly it’s not our strong suite, but that doesn’t change the value of it.

It’s such an easy task that really does align our marriage with God.

Find a time where it’s easy to pray together every day whether that’s over dinner, before bed, first thing in the morning, whatever you can commit to as a couple.

Even if it’s a prayer before dinner, praying together centers your relationship around the Lord.

One of my favorite things is when we sit down for dinner and Steven prays over our food, our days and our future.

Being in a relationship with someone has many aspects to it, some that we don’t always think about daily.

There is obviously the daily communication, attraction to someone, values, etc.

Attending a church together is the first step to getting involved and is very important.