He says he didn’t want folks to think he got in it (the ministry) for him. Being broke doesn’t bring him any glory because he says that he (God) is a provider. Certainly it’s not a new sermon, some theologians call it “positive thought materialism.” Now lets fast-forward to the present with the announcement of Jay-Z’s retirement and the popularity of such acts as Kanye West, Dialated Peoples. Several months following reports of Ma$e’s return to Hip-Hop, his new single has hit radio and is creating a tremendous buzz.Ma$e met Twyla Mc Innis at Siloam Baptist Church during a prayer service. On “Welcome Back” the Harlem cat sounds like he has been here and never took a hiatus.

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Ma$e stated that it was time for him to come back to the game, surprisingly to his old Bad Boy empire.

As some of you may remember he called Puffy the CEO of Bad Boy a devil.

Let me take you on a journey threw the trials and tribulations of Mason Derelle Betha.

Ma$e was born August 27, 1975 along with twin sister Stason in Jacksonville, Florida. Betha moved her six children to Harlem, New York when the twins were about 3 years old.

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Along with all the glitz and glamour came the inevitable “haters.” The inventor of the phrase “PHD, Player Hater Degree” Ma$e became entangled in a nasty beef with legendary rapper Sean Carter a.k.a. Back on his Harlem block Ma$e was almost killed as he was shot at in a botched robbery attempt. Even with the success of his quadruple platinum album “Harlem World” the young star was still unhappy and uneasy about the situation he was in and the current state of hip hop.

On April 4th of 1999 he announce his retirement for the rap game.

It was received with mixed reviews, you can hear the songs of betrayal and regret foreshadowed his decision. A few months later Pastor Betha would hold his first service in an Atlanta-area Day’s Inn ballroom. Ma$e says “that was the work of the devil.” Still battling his demons Ma$e’s mission is to show young people that living for Christ is not wack.