One woman said swinging is all about being able to pleasure another woman. Related: 5 Sex Sites To Visit STAT If You're A Curious Swinger Katherine, one thirty-something wife, tries to explain the woman-to-woman attraction.

"Women are soft, sensual, and usually very responsive.

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Tonight, they are at Tabu to hook up, hang out with friends, meet new ones and get to know others that sparked their interest in popular online swinging sites.

Across the room, they spot a couple they know and have thought about "playing" with.

Dave also uses this time to figure out how close the other couple is and whether or not the guy may be using his wife to get his own action. The men swap wives and "play" with one another's spouse one-on-one.

Only during the swap part, the women are reaching for each other again and kissing.

Here is a peek into what interested them in the swinging lifestyle, and what keeps them going back for more.

Related: 5 Kinky (But Not Scary) Sex Positions Everyone Should Try On a typical Saturday night at the Tabu Social Club in Catonsville, Maryland, Carolyn and Dave hit the dance floor.Neither spouse fell in love with someone new, and the marriage didn't suffer but instead became stronger.They soon found house parties are happening out there, too, if you know where to look.She fits swinging into her and her husband's busy schedule. My husband and I had conversations about it even before marriage, and in the years that followed he wasn't interested at all, so I dropped the topic." Six years later they talked about it for almost a year and made the decision to do it. They looked online, first on adult personals websites that resulted in mostly spam and fake profiles. Then someone told them about Swing Life Style (SLS), which led to their first experience, who turned them on to altplayground (APG) and Love Voodoo, where they began to really meet people.Last summer, after seven years of marriage, Lori and her husband sought out their first swinging encounter. When new online friends offered to take them to Tabu Social Club, Lori was very nervous."It took a lot for me to finally walk through the door," she recalls.