My first kiss happened when I was 16 in a closet at a party.

The party was in another town, and I barely knew the guy, but he was really cute and his name was Taylor.

Everyone was talking about it at school, so I decided I had to kiss all of his friends to prove I wasn’t a bad kisser.-Hannah None of us had ever kissed anyone before so we played spin the bottle.

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In fact, it usually isn’t, just take if from these 19 other girls in their 20s.

I kissed him in the woods and then he told everyone that I was a bad kisser.

It doesn't have to be THAT big a deal, and in a few years you'll probably forget about it, whether it was good or bad.

Before you've had your first kiss you think it's a huge deal but it's totally not and it totally did not have an impact on my life.-Maggie My first kiss came way later in life than most of my friends' first kisses: my junior year of high school.

So we ended up going back to my house in my driveway where my parents couldn’t see, and we had our first kiss in a bush.

I can’t remember if the kiss was good or bad, but first kisses don’t matter anyways.-Alexandra I actually don't have a distinct memory of it.

Instead of going into it thinking you have to kiss this other person, think of it as two people making their tongues dance and snuggle. Once you feel comfortable with these basics, throw in some sass — a (gentle! Get your hands in their hair, on their back, arms, or gently hold their face.

Sometimes it can be fun to take a break from kissing to look the person in the eyes with a quick smile.

“I really like kissing you,” or “You’re a good kisser,” is usually all it takes.

Nerves and butterflies in your stomach are part of the thrill, so ride the wave and remember that whether it’s your first kiss ever or your first kiss with someone new, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Finally, at my birthday pool party, a bunch of older girls pushed us together and held up a towel so my parents couldn't see.