written by Kiurian and illustrated by Bomi, were serialized in Comic Alive in 2011–20–2013 respectively.

Both series have been licensed in English by Seven Seas Entertainment; their volumes are scheduled for release on July 1, 2014 and December 16, 2014, respectively.

It has been given several manga adaptations; the first incarnation, its title and basic plot unchanged, began serialization in 2010; it was written and illustrated by Itachi and published in Monthly Comic Alive.

A retelling of the series, written by Misaki Harukawa and illustrated by Shuichi Taguchi and called Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai was published in Jump SQ.19.

Fortunately for the guy, this doesn't mean she's completely out of his league.

In fact, meeting her usually means the Ordinary High-School Student isn't so ordinary himself.

(inherited from his deceased English mother) and fierce-looking eyes that make him look like a delinquent.

One day, he accidentally comes across the equally solitary and very abrasive Yozora Mikazuki as she converses with "Tomo", her "air" (imaginary) friend.

Hirasaka drew influences from personal experience: "This novel is a story about myself who also had few friends, bad communication skills, negative thinking, lacking life experiences and useless delusional habits." Hirasaka also considers the setting of the stories to be less restrictive.

The anime was directed by Hisashi Saito, who had previously directed the fan service romantic comedy Heaven's Lost Property.

It starts with an ordinary guy living an ordinary life...