After choosing the on-and-off turbulence for years ( your dumb brain says), you eventually come around to the idea that stability and maturity don't denote "boring," because "interesting" doesn't really exist as one isolated category.Say you pick guys based only on how witty their profiles are.

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What she didn’t have – what I really needed at the time – was a backbone.

I just got the sense that I’d win every argument for the rest of our lives because she was such a pushover.

Let's not confuse this with Nice Guy Syndrome, that obnoxious thing where men complain that women overlook them in favor of assholes because they're just "too nice." (Actually, it's because they keep insisting on pointing this out. The ones I'm referring to are nice in a quiet way, not flashy or douchey or constantly "on" the way a lot of creative people are.

It's like holding the door for an old lady or rescuing a kitten from a tree and then screaming about it at the top of your lungs. A grown man who does his dishes, pays his own rent, calls his mom, doesn't have a carefully cultivated joke Twitter account and isn't in a noise band called Fingerbang is immensely attractive to me.So he usually gets involved with psychos that latch on to him. I like my space and I don’t care if I never see you again. A guy in my life is “nice to have” but by no means a need. Check out more from one of the original masters, David De Angelo. But the attitude that plays the best with the most women is generally some version of “cocky and funny.” Of course, most women outgrow men who are so cocky that they are unable to forge bonds with a woman.Guys come and go but my family, especially my kids, are forever. De Angelo puts into plain words what you just feel in your bones: confident, decisive, witty, and somewhat unpredictable men are the most attractive. But the desire for a man with a little swagger never entirely wanes.Start by improving your listening and communication skills.Practice being attentive and engaged by asking questions and being open about your own life.They're regularly overlooked on dating sites for their straightforwardness, lack of snark or pretentious quotes — but in person, these guys can be funny, attractive, sharp, and simply better than some guy whose profile By this logic, just because the Boring Online Dating Profile Guy isn't as adept at expressing himself in writing doesn't mean he's boring in real life.