His father was an ex‑convict and an abusive alcoholic.

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On June 8, 1949, Hatcher was released from prison after serving a little more than half of his time; however, he was back in prison in just a few months, after being convicted of forging a $10 check at a gas station in Maryville, Missouri.

On March 18, 1951, Hatcher escaped from prison and attempted a burglary, but was caught and received an extra two years in prison.

According to the six‑year‑old girl with whom he was playing, Martinez walked away with a man who offered him ice cream.

He was found by a man walking his dog as the boy was being beaten and sexually assaulted.

He claimed he had told the boy to come with him, took him to a creek, and strangled him.

On August 29, 1969, six‑year‑old Gilbert Martinez was reported missing in San Francisco.During this time, he claimed to hear voices, and faked delusions and suicide attempts to avoid prison.In December 1970, Hatcher was sent back and forth between the courts and hospital multiple times.When Hatcher arrived at the Missouri State Penitentiary, he claimed to be the most notorious criminal in northwest Missouri since Jesse James.On July 2, 1961, inmate Jerry Tharrington was found raped and stabbed to death on the prison’s kitchen loading dock.He was examined by two psychiatrists in January 1971.