Notice that instead of replying to "upset fans" that he's a fine actor her first response is, "What on earth makes you think Sam is gay? Totally gay, but that was what he was referring to.R16 The last thread (#10) had an issue with posting from certain mobile phones.But she seems to have reached a point where she doesn't want to play along -- not only because she has a SO, but because she probably doesn't want any blowback on her when the truth comes out. If Heughan were straight why all the subterfuge and game playing?

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For R46 and her tumblr friends, Sam the Queen: Seriously people! Just so happened MM wanted to take the photo when Sam has long enough arm to take a selfie, not to mention the young boy could have easily snapped a photo if his mom didn't have a death grip on him. Sam would fly to the US to stave off the negative press after the BAFTAS. He is not getting any promising acting jobs and he needs to boost his image as a male sex symbol. Sam flys to some small town in NC and goes to a grocery store to pose with MM aunt and nephew to advance his career?! Why not stage a whole thing with MM at least being in the picture? The fact is you can't find one pic of a gf in Sam's SM, not even when nobody knew him.

Instead, he has many pics of CUTE GUYSThe fact is Sam's rumored BOYFRIEND -Luke Neal- have been travelling with him for YEARS and now, he has disappeared from SM -unlike MM who has doubled her following. And we all know that Liongate has just bought Starz....

I have a strange feeling SH is aware of everything said about him on SMR103, I agree his is aware -- he probably is aware that this thread is the most popular one on DL, and that no one believed his lame BAFTA outing with MM, so they decided to create the "Aw, isn't that nice he went to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with his American girlfriend in NC" schtick. So why go all the way to NC for less than 36 hours.

I'm wondering why he didn't take a direct flight from Glasgow to NY instead of flying to Heathrow. Does the guy really have to fly to another country to get a piece of tail?!?! It's sad to go to all this trouble to prove he is straight.

This whitewashing the past is just too much though.'R86 Cait is constantly outing Sam!

She is tired of playing the PR game Scariest thing I heard is when Sam said he tried on Caits 10 month pregnancy belly!!! and you will find Mackenzies address in Santa Monica. I think Heughan wants to keep his preference ambiguous.

I don't know what his sexual preference is though I believe that he is homosexual.

I don't think that it should matter in this day and age. He can act heterosexual though only on screen it seems because in public he pings to high heaven.

In the previous thread, you posted that you met Heughan and "couldn't think of anything negative about him," which is a homophobe's way of saying he couldn't be gay. An amazing charity that does incredible work, thanks to each individual that has contributed to the research and fundraising has made a remarkable difference. No one travels from Scotland to North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with a someone's family for PR. I'll fly to North Carolina-spend the holiday with her family in her hometown-go to a supermarket-get noticed by a lady and her kid- talk about a stretch! Yes, R46 is a frau cunt from tumblr who has said in previous boards that this is the worst thread in DL. The fact is that the bios that stated he is GAY, have been removed.

If you didn't think he was gay you wouldn't be poring over multiple threads about him on DL. No one knew Sam was there- It isn't PR if one knows about it. Sorry guys R40 and her friends need to go back to their tumblrs to 'contemplate outlander'. Sam was seen in Glasgow airport on Friday and it seems that today, he is in Glasgow too.... But the truth is these fraus can't leave these threads because they feel insecure about Sam's sexuality. The fact is Sam used the NEUTRAL gender in older interviews.

Handwriting analysis says these people are hiding something.